Remember Us Book Review


Remember Us is a book to chew on. I had to sit a bit and think on my overall feelings of this book, and now that I’ve digested its words a little more, it’s a five-star read for me.
Reese and her broken family endeavor on a journey together to pick up all the pieces life has scattered, and the reader goes right along with them. What I loved about this book was it felt like a road trip: There’s parts where you’re moving fast through the plot, then moments slow down and take some minutes to get through. But reaching the final destination and reflection on the trip made everything worth it.
There were so many takeaway points from this that I loved:
1. Seize your moment.
2. Make all your relationships count.
3. Say the words you want to say to your loved ones; don’t let pride or regret hold you back.
4. Don’t depend on other people to be the driving force in your life.
I loved this book after chewing on it, and I feel confident in recommending it to you all to grab yourself a copy and hop on this journey.
Thank you for the copy – you ladies wrote a wonderful story, and I’m so glad I read it!

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