Book Review: The Vines We Planted by Joanell Serra

The Vines We Planted was the perfect ebook read and I’m so glad I read this one! It’s a classic complex family story that demonstrates how everyone’s life is interwoven and affected by each decision a person makes, but more importantly, the impenetrable strength of a community when someone is in need. Love plants us, binds us, and if need be, carries us.
While each character has a difficult and dramatic story to tell, I appreciated how genuine each story was. It was refreshing to step away from the often recommended book directed at young adults and read adult fiction that addresses love beyond fictional romance, and lifelike stories that deal with grief, extramarital affairs, and immigration — to name a few.
What I enjoyed most about this novel is it’s set in Sonoma, California, which is not far from me, so I loved reading something with a familiar location. I’m not normally a wine person, but this book made me want to take another trip to Sonoma and try the many restaurants and drinks out — and horseback riding! I loved the bits about horseback riding, and this would be a great book choice for any wine or horseback-riding fans.
A wonderful adult fiction read.

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