Book Review: Us Against You by Fredrik Backman


This has moved to my top favorite release of 2018. Fredrik Backman does it again with another spectacular story of LIFE, the way it is, should be, and could be.
Us Against You is the second book after Beartown, and if you haven’t started this two-part book series yet, it’s time to pick it up!
Us Against You (and Beartown) is more than just a work of fiction, but a deep look into society today as a whole (our political and social issues) and provides a deep self-inspection into the reader’s soul. I found my eyes opened a little wider to every single person around me – which is what Backman is an expert at doing. For that reason, I will continue to read all of his books. He continues to remind us that if a story were written on just about every person we come across in life, we would love them. Life is more simple than we make it.
This book covers so much ground with all the beloved characters previously met in Beartown that it’s hard to pinpoint every single piece I loved. As you can see from my quote highlight, Backman masterfully captures parenthood, friendships, grief, heartache, and career choices, but isn’t afraid to dive into the deeper social issues that everyone is continually working and reflecting on: sexual consent/rape, sexual identity, feminism, violence, corrupt politics, and above all, the power each person has to change the way the wind is blowing with each of these issues. Every person has a voice, and that voice can either tear down or build up people around us.
Backman once again had me laughing, crying, gasping, then crying and laughing some more.  Beartown and Us Against You are books that every person can benefit from and are worth taking the time to read.
I loved how well this book coordinated with my dress, so I couldn’t resist this pic.
*I did have one *teensy* problem with Us Against You that doesn’t affect my five-star rating, but I did want to say: there were quite a number of errors in here with the grammar, missing words, and punctuation.  I’d be interested to know if the paperback will be the perfected version.


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