BOOK REVIEW: The Lying Game by Ruth Ware

[4/5 stars] The Lying Game is a suspense novel told from the perspective of Isa, a civil attorney in her thirties with a six-month old daughter, who receives a text from an old boarding school friend of hers, Kate, that simply reads: “I need you.” The text is sent to two other close friends of theirs, and no questions are asked: Everyone packs up their bags and heads back to their old hometown Salten to aid Kate in what will be the most traumatic experience of their lives.
Isa takes you on a wonderfully mysterious literary journey, accompanied by her daughter Freya, to an old gorgeous town just a train ride from London among marshes and beaches and some recently discovered human remains. You read that right. It’s a murder mystery.
And this was a four-star read for me because it was a great suspense work, but so much more than that. Ware’s ability to capture motherhood and the power of love from parent to child is unparalleled to any previous work I’ve read. It is what really made the book for me as a mother of two young children and why I’d recommend this to others. Isa is a breastfeeding mama bear who is ready to take on the world and her tainted past in order to protect her friends, but more importantly, her daughter — her world. Ware was able to put into words so many feelings about early motherhood that made me as a reader think, “Oh! That’s not just me.” and “YES, GIRL.” and that Ruth Ware just GETS IT when it comes to everything a mother experiences with breastfeeding, the exhaustion of newborn care, and the protective love mothers and fathers have for their children.
I’d love to read another novel that is a fun story, but also depicts motherhood, so if you have something similar, please leave me your recommendation.

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  1. Dell Gray says:

    See? I read this review! Actually I LOVED this review because I was really hesitant about reading The Lying Game but now I really wanna. Thanks!


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