BOOK REVIEW: How to Walk Away by Katherine Center – The Perfect Read for 2018

Katherine Center’s How to Walk Away (releasing May 15th) has all the ingredients for that perfect summer read you’ve been looking for; a dash of romance, a sprinkle of healing familial relationships, a cup of inspirational passages for life improvement, and one heaping scoop of tragedy and heartbreak.

Okay, maybe tragedy and heartbreak isn’t quite what you were looking for in the next big summer romance, but hear me out on why this is the next one you need to pick up.  How to Walk Away was more than just a five-star read for me.  It was a book I immediately felt upon completion that I and the literary world needed to read.

Recently graduated and about to start her dream job, the reader meets Margaret on a night that appears to be the climax of her young life.  She’s been in a long-term relationship with Chip, her heartthrob boyfriend, and is expecting the night to be full of surprises and life-changing moments.  Surprises and life-changing moments are in store for Margaret, but isn’t in a way she’d been expecting.  The happiest night of her life turns into a whirlwind of horrifying circumstances that leave every single part of her life turned upside down.

The feel-good story Margaret was prepared to tell becomes a front-row ticket to witness some of the lowest and depressing moments a person can experience; and Margaret is forced to take the life she led and start over and rebuild it.  It’s the journey of Margaret rebuilding and rediscovering herself where How to Walk Away shines in all its brilliance.

When life seems unbearable and tragedy seems to have a firm foot on your neck, forcing you to the ground: fight.  Fight for yourself, fight for your loved ones, fight to make the best of your circumstances.  The main takeaway of this book is a perspective shift the literary world needs.  Do not let your circumstances decide your life, and more importantly, just. keep. trying.  Don’t give up.  When you fall, get up and start over.  Life is hard, but it is a beautiful, precious journey.

Now that you feel sufficiently inspired, let me just say, I was enthralled by this book.  It was what I needed, not just because of how encouraging it was, but it was entertaining, funny, and of course, there’s still some romance.  Just a splash, but enough to make this book feel like a wholly perfect story.  I would’ve read this in one night if I didn’t inconveniently have work.  Kidding  — but only a little bit.  I still read it over the course of two days and was enthralled until the very end.

Five stars and my number one 2018 recommendation so far.

Thank you, St. Martin’s Press, for the advance copy!  I’m so glad I read this.


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  1. galletaslibros says:

    Awesome review… I will have to check this book out!


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