Read and Run Book Club

You don’t have to skip your exercise routine anymore to get some reading in, thanks to the wonderful world of audiobooks!   The Read and Run Book Club is the ideal way to build your relationships, while keeping your body and mind fit.  It’s something that can be done in person, through text message, or even here, through my blog.  I’ll be hosting an online audiobook club if enough interest is shown.  Please comment below if you’d like to participate in an online one.  Otherwise, feel free to start your own Read and Run Book Club with the set-up guidelines I’ve listed below.  If you’re on Instagram (Follow me: @perfictionist.tiff), be sure to use the hashtag #readandrunbookclub .

So how does an audiobook/run club work?  It’s a somewhat simple idea that combines running goals and book club.  The members agree on an audiobook together, listen to it while running (or workout of your choice), then once the book and run goals are completed, have a book club discussion about said audiobook (or have a final meet-up run/discussion for in-person groups).

My step-by-step process below:

  1.  First, discuss your goals.  Is this for fun or do you want to set a competitive goal for your group, like running a 5k or half-marathon together?  Make sure everyone has a goal they can agree on if you want to make this a competitive running goal.
  2. Second, pick an audiobook.  For audiobooks, unless you’re a professional listener, you’re going to want to start with a simple, modern book and not a difficult classic that would be too difficult to work out to.  Otherwise, plan on a continuous stop-and-go workout routine.  Pick a book that doesn’t have an intricate vocabulary that you’ll need a physical copy for.  Also, if your group has beginner runners who only want to work out three days a week, either pick an audiobook that is shorter in length or make sure your end goal is set out far enough to reach it.
  3. Make a listening/workout schedule.  Depending upon the amount of hours your audiobook is, you’ll want to create a schedule with your book club that incorporates all the hours your book is with an appropriate workout schedule that you’ll be able to adhere to.  For example:  If your audiobook is 10 hours, you can set up as a goal to run/workout 4 days a week for a half hour at a time.  It would then take you five weeks to complete your book if you stuck strictly to that schedule.   Know your limits and don’t set yourself up for failure.  Start with a three-days-a-week schedule, then if all people can agree on more days, add them in as you go.
  4. Set up accountability check-in days.  Decide how often to check in with one another, whether it be once a week or every day.  Create a group chat where you can send each other your running stats, how far you got in the audiobook, and discuss your thoughts about the book as you go.
  5. For in-person read and run clubs, set up time(s) to meet, run, and discuss the book together.  If your schedule allows, schedule one day a week where you work out together and listen and discuss the book as you go, and maybe make that once-a-week time an hour-long session to get to your book goal faster.  Otherwise, if you have a busy schedule, make one final meet-up day where you run together and have a discussion about your book.
  6. Read, run, and have some fun!  I admit that was a little cheesy, but don’t forget to enjoy yourselves while you’re multi-tasking.  Feel free to ask me any questions!  Or if you want to correct any of my grammar mistakes, go for it!


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